Alaska Trips
Kayaking Alaska

Our programs all include certified Instructors, terrific meals, group gear and tents for camping trips, family style lodging for lodge-based tours and expedition style touring kayaks.

We have been leading a variety of wilderness based kayak expeditions to various Alaska destinations since the 1980’s. We are happy to build custom trips for groups of four to six to the following locations:

Paddling Sitka’s Outer Coast: The Chichagof Wilderness

This remote kayak expedition originates in Sitka. Week-long kayak trips to this part of Alaska are very uncommon and feature some remote and beautiful country. Paddle with hundreds of sea otters, sea birds, seals, sea lions and humpback whales.

  • Skill Level: intermediate-advanced (level 3-4)
  • Dates: June 30-July 9

Kachemak Bay Lodge-Based Paddling Trip

Originating from Homer, Alaska’s gateway to adventure, you’ll explore the scalloped edges of the mountains along Kachemak Bay. Home to Halibut, Salmon, Sea mammals, Puffins and countless birds. We’ll explore this remarkable coastline from the luxury of our cozy cabins.

  • Skill Level: novice-intermediate
  • Dates: by arrangement

Prince of Wales Exploratory Trip
…the biggest island that you’ve never heard of.

Tongass National Forest stretches for 500 miles along the coast, encompassing the beguiling karst region of Prince Wales Island, 700 square miles of limestone and marble caverns created by subterranean streams.

  • Skill Level: intermediate-advanced (level 3-4)
  • Dates: by arrangement

Kenai Fiords National Park Trip

Paddling with whales, camping where glaciers meet the sea, sea birds, gourmet meals, NDK Explorer kayaks….the best of the best!

  • Skill Level: intermediate-advanced (level 3-4)
  • Dates: by arrangement

Prince William Sound Expeditions

Whales, glaciers, foraging and fishing complete the picture for this sought after destination. Launch Choices: Whittier or Cordova

  • Skill Level: novice-advanced (level 2-4)
  • Dates: by arrangement

Shuyak and Afognak Islands

Join us on Kodiak for a fantastic coastal journey around these remote islands that few ever get to.

  • Skill Level: intermediate-advanced (level 3-4)
  • Dates: by arrangement