Hey, I’d Eat This At Home!

by Michael Gray

  207209_200463689977085_7842594_nA new cookbook with over 100 fresh recipes from 30 years of exploring our world. To be enjoyed inside as well as out!

Rave Reviews!

…great food that’s been developed, honed and actually made time and again to raves from clients, and which works great for 3 traits that don’t always go together: ease, portability and pleasure.Jeff Potter on Amazon.com
Getting this info from Michael is like getting a private guitar lesson from Eric Clapton!” Russell Farrow, Sweetwater Kayaks

“And the best part – Michael is a great writer with a sharp wit. This is the “fun-est” cook book you’ll ever read!Suzi Beaumont on Goodreads
“Kayaking guide Michael Gray, known for the feasts his tours provide, shares over 100 very original recipes…. all with minimally-processed ingredients.” Paddling.net
“Michael’s expeditions, camp-cooking demonstrations, and seminars athttp://www.paddling.net/store/showProduct.html?product=522 sea kayaking symposia have become legendary. The essence of Michael’s wilderness catering, food preparation, cooking, and seasoning is here, along with a series of recipe ideas”. George Granlund on East Coast Paddlers